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Six Tips to Protect Your HVAC System during Hurricane Season

Six Tips to Protect Your HVAC System during Hurricane Season

Six Tips to Protect Your HVAC System during Hurricane Season

Preparing for a hurricane can prevent extensive damage to your property, equipment, and structures when the storm actually passes through your area.  To get ready for hurricane season, you will want to be smart about taking care of all your large and expensive investments, including your HVAC system.  As an HVAC contractor in Orlando, we offer some advice to help homeowners prepare their home for hurricane season.  There are a few tips to follow to protect your HVAC system from the threat of hurricanes.

Keep Your Home Cool before the Storm

If a hurricane is headed your direction, crank up the air conditioning a few degrees.  By doing this before a storm, you make sure that your home is cool in the event of a power surge.  If the power goes out during the storm, your home will have a few extra degrees until it becomes warm, which will help keep you comfortable until they fix the power lines.  

Trim Back Landscaping around the Unit

Keep the landscaping that is around your outdoor HVAC unit clear of shrubbery and overgrown trees.  This will make it easy to access when repairs are needed, and it will also prevent any trees from blowing over and falling on the unit.  If this occurs, it could destroy the unit entirely.

Get it Inspected

Before hurricane season approaches, you should contact a professional HVAC contractor in Orlando to come out and inspect your unit.  They will be able to indicate any functional issues to ensure that the equipment is running properly and you have excellent air quality.  They will also be able to do any necessary repairs to keep it running smoothly, if need be.   Having repairs done before hurricane season can prevent additional damage from being done during the storm.

Get a Protective Cage

Many Floridians also use a protective cage over their outdoor equipment, including their HVAC units.  These cages are affordable, and they can prevent damage from falling trees or flying debris.  

Keep a Backup Generator

Power surges are common during hurricanes.  One way to stay prepared is to keep a backup generator in your home so that you still have access to power during these emergencies.  This will allow to you keep the lights on and keep your home cool in the event of a long community power surge.

Shut Off Circuit Breakers

Before a storm, you may want to consider cutting the power to your HVAC unit.  In the event of lightning strike or electrical issue, you will not need to worry about any damage to your HVAC unit if you've cut off its electrical power.  

By taking these precautions, you can protect your HVAC system and react quickly during hurricane season.  When you live in Florida, you will want to know the proper methods to protect your large investments from damages, as the process for repairs, replacements, and insurance money is long and difficult.  If you are looking for a quality HVAC contractor in Orlando to come out and inspect your HVAC system for safety and functionality, contact the experts at Renown Air Conditioning today.