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Seven Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Ducts

Seven Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Ducts

Seven Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Ducts

The air ducts at your home play a crucial role. They distribute the air circulation from the HVAC equipment within your home to guarantee that it is always adequately conditioned. The air ducts also impact the air you breathe while in the house daily. Air duct cleaning includes eliminating dust and pollutants from the ductwork on all aspects of the system, such as the supply and return air ducts and the registers in each room.

How Do I Clean My Air Ducts?

Powerful vacuums are used to extract dust and debris from deep within the ducts, keeping them from spreading and circulating throughout your home.

What You Need:

  • Vacuum with brush attachment
  • Microfiber cleaning clothes
  • Vacuum hose extender
  • Water
  • Dish soap
  • All-purpose cleaner

Steps to Follow:

  1. Remove Your Vent Covers:  Lift your vent covers off the vents.  You may need a screwdriver for wall registers.  Remove these covers and clean thoroughly around the duct entrance to remove any dust or allergens.
  2. Clean Inside the Vent:  Use the vacuum hose extender to reach inside the vent to clean alongside the vent walls.  Be sure to apply light pressure to not puncture the vent walls.
  3. Wipe Residue:  Once you vacuum the dislodged dust and debris, you should take a moist microfiber towel and wipe down the walls.  Rinse the rag when you pull up dust and debris.  If need be, use all-purpose cleaner to target hard-to-get issues.
  4. Finish the Job:  After you have cleaned the ducts, turn the system back on and run for about a half hour.  After the half hour is up, change the air filter.

Call the Professionals

To avoid the hassle of having to clean every single vent and airduct in your home, you should consider reaching out to the professionals to clean your airducts for you.  They have the tools, equipment, and expertise needed to do the job right the first time around.  When they leave your home, it will be running smoothly and your circulating air will be clean.  Contact the expert and professional services of an HVAC contractor in Orlando for air duct cleaning.

Why Do I Need Air Duct Cleaning?

Cleaning your air ducts yourself can be a nuisance, but when you trust the pros, they will take care of this for you so your home is fully functioning and clean.  These are some of the main benefits of having your air ducts cleaned by a professional HVAC contractor in Orlando.  

Prevent Insects from Nesting

Since your ductwork is covered behind walls and in the attic, it is impossible to see what is going on inside. Thus, you could have an insect infestation residing within your ducting, and you may not be aware of it. It is advisable to engage a professional HVAC contractor, being a difficult task, especially if you are allergic to insects.  Air duct cleaning services help eradicate the insect infestation that has taken up residence ducts and keep them clean. In addition, clean ducts are less prone to attract insects because there will be no materials to build their nests.

Elimination of Bad Odor

A musty odor in your home could indicate that dust, mildew, bacteria, or fungi live in the air ventilation systems. Unfortunately, the use of air fresheners cannot eliminate the scents and smells. However, having professionals clean your ducts can eliminate the odors, providing you with a fresher environment.

Improved Air Flow

When your HVAC contractor in Orlando comes out to clean your air ducts, you will notice an almost instant difference in the circulation of air in your home.  Built-up dust and contaminants in your air ducts can restrict the flow of air in your home, which reduces the efficiency of your entire HVAC system.  By removing these blockages, air will be able to flow and circulate efficiently throughout your home.  This will also save you money on running your system.

Removes Toxins

In addition to improving the air flow and circulation in your home, you will also have fewer toxins and contaminants that are travelling through your home.  By reducing these toxins, you are ensuring the health and safety of your family.  This includes pet dander, mold spores, contaminants, microorganisms, pollen, and bacteria that can easily get trapped inside your airducts. 

Reduced Allergies

One of the most significant reasons for homeowners to clean air ducts during the spring is the increase in pollen and other allergens in the atmosphere. In the house, mold, dust, pollen, pet dander, and even insects and rodents can be ravaging havoc on people with allergies.  Getting your ducts professionally cleaned annually by a quality HVAC contractor in Orlando will minimize allergens spreading around your home when you switch on the air conditioner. Addressing the root of the problem will reduce the risk of allergy reactions in your home air in the spring.

Enhances Durability

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your heating and cooling equipment. Typically, 9 out of 10 heating and cooling air conditioning systems fail or malfunction owing to a lack of routine maintenance regularly. As a result, your air conditioning and heating system should last for several years before having to be entirely replaced.

Reduces Wear and Tear Issues

Air duct cleaning services are beneficial since they remove dust from the duct, which clogs the airflow. It enables your system to stop functioning beyond its capacity, contributing to the wear and tear caused by daily use. Consequently, this means that the system's components will not wear out as rapidly and will operate better in the long run.

These are just some of the main benefits of getting your air ducts cleaned by the professionals.  Remember, you need to look after your air ducts, and professionals can help.  We have the expertise, training, tools, and equipment to take care of this job the right way the first time.  Avoid the headache of doing it yourself, and contact our quality HVAC contractor in Orlando to schedule your cleaning with us today.