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Nine Ways Business Owners Can Maintain Their Air Conditioning in the Summer

Nine Ways Business Owners Can Maintain Their Air Conditioning in the Summer

Nine Ways Business Owners Can Maintain Their Air Conditioning in the Summer

Summer in Orlando is hot, and businesses need to keep their places nice and cool to appease their customers.  The last thing you want is for your air conditioning to break during the hot months, as this will cause you to lose business quickly when you ask people to sit in a hot building.  There is nothing that would make them want to leave sooner.  As experts in AC repair in Orlando, we understand this importance and aim to help our business owner clients with their preventative maintenance.  These are a few tips to follow to maintain your air conditioning and avoid any issues all summer long.

Inspect Your Outlets

This may seem like it is related to your electric and not your AC, but poor electricity can have negative consequences on the cooling properties of your business.  Take the time to inspect your outlets to ensure that there are no frayed or broken wires that pose fire hazards.  Check all the switches to ensure that they are working properly, are not warm to the touch, and connected to the right lights.  If you need to fix any electrical components, you need to take care of that before the summer to avoid any interference with your AC.

Inspect Your Vents

Proper air circulation is another important feature to ensuring that your building will stay cool.  When your AC is running, you should be able to feel the difference immediately.  If you do not, this may indicate an issue with the circulation of the air.  Checking the vents is one of the first steps to ensuring that the air is flowing effectively.  Blockages in your vents can cause your air conditioner to work hard without cooling your business, and this can require experts to do some AC repair in Orlando.  

Get Rid of Air Conditioning Slime

AC slime can build up in large business buildings when the coolant condenses and rests on the vents or ducts.  When this rests on the surfaces for an extended period, it can develop into algae and fungus, causing slime to develop.  Removing this slime is important for not only the health of your building but also for the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.  

Program Your Thermostat

Control the internal temperature of your building by installing programmable thermostats throughout the facility.  Not only will this help to regulate your air conditioning, but it will keep each separate area in your building comfortable.  For example, the top floor of every building tends to become a bit warmer than the lower floors.  Allowing those tenants to control their thermostat gives them the chance to make sure they are comfortable throughout the summer as well.  Controlling the temperature with programmable thermostats also helps to save energy and save money on energy bills.

Change Your Filters

One of the biggest mistakes that many business owners make when it comes to their HVAC systems is forgetting to change their air filters.  By forgetting this step, you decrease the efficiency through which air circulates around your building.  Changing your air filters is also a great way to remove allergens, contaminants, and dust from the air, which can improve the overall air quality of the entire building.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is perhaps one of the most essential things that every business owner can do to ensure they do not run into any AC repairs in Orlando during the summer months.  Preventative maintenance starts with identifying any issues that you may not have even known were present.  Contact an expert HVAC contractor to come out and look around, test each unit, and inspect different aspects of your HVAC system.  These professionals are trained to spot anything that may not be working properly or that may need to be replaced.  Consider doing this in the winter or spring to avoid the busy season, which is more difficult because AC repairs are usually much more frequent in the summer.

Clean Your Ducts

Keeping your ductwork clean has a range of benefits that can keep your air clean and well-circulated.  When you have dust or contaminants in your airducts, your air may become trapped, and this can cause your AC unit to work overtime to produce the same temperature inside your business.  Take the time to clean your airducts or have the professionals come out and take care of this for you.

Insulate Your Place

Another way to keep your business cooler in the summer is to make sure that your building is well-insulated.  Consider adding attic insulation if you do not already have sufficient insulation up there.  Also, invest in blinds for rooms that are exposed to the sunshine, as this can raise the temperature in those areas, which can kick your AC into overdrive to compensate for the loss of cool air.  Urge your tenants to keep their blinds shut on the sunny days to prevent the building from overheating.

Inspect for Rust

If you spot rust on any of your ducts, vents, or pipes, you will need to remove the rust and replace them immediately.  Rust can be indicative of corrosion in the HVAC system, so you will want to tend to these issues as soon as you notice them to remove them from your building.  If you do not spot the rust in time, you may eventually suffer from a corrosive failure in your HVAC system, which can be an expensive and inconvenient repair.

These are a few of the ways that business owners can maintain their air conditioning during the hot summer month in Orlando.  The summer in Florida is hot, and businesses need to keep their places cooler than usual to keep their customers happy.  When you trust our professionals for your AC repair in Orlando, we will help your business stay functional and cool.  Contact us to schedule your inspection with us today.