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Nine Tips to Keep Your Home Cool All Summer Long

Nine Tips to Keep Your Home Cool All Summer Long

Nine Tips to Keep Your Home Cool All Summer Long

Are you tired of feeling hot all the time?  July is here and that means so are the hot temperatures and dry air.  Many of us spend our time enjoying the air conditioning or swimming in the water to beat the heat.  However, this often means that we are getting used to spending extra money on cooling costs.  As Florida residents, we need our air conditioning to work efficiently all summer long.  When you run into any issues, this can be devastating to your comfort.  Having a trusted HVAC contractor in Orlando to rely on is also important to keeping your home cool and comfortable.  These are a few tips from the pros to keep your home cool all summer long.

Keep Your Blinds Closed

When the sun comes through your window, you should keep your blinds drawn to avoid raising the internal temperature.  By drawing your blinds, you can keep things dark, and this can regulate the air conditioning inside your apartment.  This simple trick can not only make your interior temperature more comfortable, but it can also save you money on cooling your place.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Many people can save energy and money when they install a programmable thermostat in their home.  This thermostat can be programmed to match the needs of your lifestyle.  For example, if you are not home all day long, then you will want to keep the air temperature slightly higher since you will not be there to enjoy it during the day.  When you return home for the evening, you can bump the temperature down a few degrees so that your home is much more comfortable for you to enjoy.  This will save your AC unit from having to run overtime to meet the needs of your home.

Clean Your Airducts

Many people may not even realize that their AC unit is working harder than it must until they clean their airducts.  By removing dust, particles, contaminants, and other elements from your airducts, you will be able to provide airflow with an unobstructed path throughout your entire home.  This will allow your AC unit to work efficiently, which can decrease the chance for any issues or damages in the summertime.  If you are concerned that your airducts may be dirty, give your HVAC contractor in Orlando a call for their cleaning services.

Avoid Venting Fans

Ventilation fans, like those in the bathrooms and kitchens in many homes, should not be run too long during the summer months.  These fans will pull all the cool air out of your home, which can leave these rooms feeling like saunas if you forget to turn your fan off.  If you need to run your fan, set a timer to remind yourself to turn it off after a few minutes to avoid this from happening.  When all the cool air is sucked out of those rooms, your AC unit will have to overwork to make up for the loss of temperature.

Create a Natural Flow

Find ways to optimize the air flow in your apartment by increasing the chances for air to flow from room-to-room.  By closing doors and obstructing the airflow throughout your apartment, you can cause certain rooms to be cooler than others.  When you choose to open those doors, your air conditioning may work overtime to try to make up for the temperature change.

Use Fans

To stay comfortable on the hottest days, you should use fans to keep the temperatures low.  Ceiling fans are often installed in homes and businesses to provide more airflow.  Consider installing these fans above your bed so that you can feel comfortable during the night when you are sleeping.  Place them in areas that seem to have poor airflow so that you never lose the feeling of cool air on your skin.  You may even want to get a few extra fans to put at your work desk or in your kitchen when you are feeling overwhelmed with heat during the warmest days in the summer.  

Perform Preventative Maintenance in the Off Season

Many people run into issues with their air conditioning units in the middle of summer.  This means that our HVAC contractor in Orlando will be much busier to tend to all the necessary repairs and replacements.  However, when you take care of any maintenance and repairs in the off-season, you will not have to worry about waiting for an available contractor.  It may even take days for a contractor to become available for an appointment in the middle of summer.  Avoid this by doing inspections and repairs in the fall and winter so that your AC will be fully functional all summer long.

Avoid Cooking

Even though it may be tempting to turn on the oven and cook a large meal, you should avoid cooking for long period of time inside your apartment.  Instead, consider using the BBQ area at your apartment complex to cook your food.  Also, do some meal prepping at night so that you have food to eat during the day.  When you keep your oven on for a longer period, it can raise the internal temperature of your apartment by a few degrees.

Open Your Windows at Night

Florida nights are much cooler than the days.  When cooler temperatures roll in, give your air conditioning a break and open your windows.  Let the breeze come in and cool down your apartment when it is dark outside.  This natural airflow is good for the air quality and also good for your AC unit and its function.

By following these tips, you can keep your home cool all summer long.  If you happen to run into any issues and suspect that your air conditioning is not working correctly, you will want to trust our HVAC contractor in Orlando to come to your home and inspect it.  Contact Renown Air Conditioning to hear more about our AC repair and installation services today.