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Nine Reasons to Have your HVAC System Inspected Every Year

Nine Reasons to Have your HVAC System Inspected Every Year

Nine Reasons to Have your HVAC System Inspected Every Year

Are you concerned about the way that your AC has been running this spring?  Do you want your home to be running at full efficiency as you head in the hot summer months?  As an HVAC contractor in Orlando, we help many clients make sure that their home is running smoothly and working efficiently.  Even though HVAC systems are durable and built-to-last, they are still subject to the regular wear and tear.  Over time, this can reduce their performance or cause certain parts to work less efficiently.  Many homeowners don't notice these issues until they become larger problems.  For this reason, it is important to get routine inspections.  There are few great reasons to consider having your AC inspected on a routine basis.

Keeps Everyone Comfortable

During the summers in Florida, temperatures can rise into the 100s with lots of sunshine and barely any breeze.   Even if your AC is running at maximum efficiency, it is still a challenge to cool down a home with these extreme temperatures.  Also, this can cause health hazards for your family in the event that your home is not cooled properly, like sleep disruptions or even heat stroke.   Having a functioning AC unit is essential in keeping everyone comfortable and safe during these heat waves.

Lowers Your Use of Energy

In order to maintain ideal internal temperatures in your house, HVAC systems use electricity to operate, and therefore they contribute to these costs.  During the summer, these costs can dramatically increase.  They can also increase dramatically when your AC unit is not working at its maximum efficiency.  When your unit has to work harder to cool your home because of impairments or issues it has, you will notice a spike in your electricity bills. It is working harder to give you the same exact output, which is something that can be resolved with the help of a HVAC contractor in Orlando.  

Identifies Problems before They Get Worse

Identifying any potential problems is the first step toward working on a resolution.  HVAC contractors in Orlando will perform an extensive inspection by taking all of these steps when they are at your home.

  • Look at the ducts
  • Check lubrication levels
  • Clean and change filters
  • Test system controls
  • Check for tight connections
  • Inspect the Thermostat Function

These are some of the common steps that take place in an HVAC inspection to ensure that everything is operating as it should be.

Increases the Lifespan of Your AC Unit

Our HVAC systems are a large investment that we make to keep our homes fully functioning and comfortable.  Because of this, it is essential to keep this equipment in the best condition for as long as you can.  HVAC systems have many sections, and most have mechanical parts that wear out over time. Many AC units can last up to ten years if they are properly maintained throughout their lifetime.  This means that you need to ensure that all moving parts are properly lubricated, and damaged parts are replaced in a timely manner.  When you have inspections done routinely, they will ensure that these issues do not get worse and cause irreparable damages to your unit.

Keeps Everyone Safe

A poorly functioning HVAC system can also cause health hazards to your loved ones living in your home.  Your AC unit and ventilation system improves the overall air quality of the home by filtering out impurities, allergens, and germs.  Along with heating and cooling your house, this system also ensures the circulation of fresh air.  Dust and pollutants can accumulate in different parts of the HVAC system, such as filters and ducts. If the ducts and filters are not clean, your HVAC system will spread dust and allergens inside the house.  When your system is not running properly, you can cause your family to be exposed to certain contaminants that can cause a host of health issues, such as:

  • Asthma flare-ups
  • Coughs and colds
  • Respiratory issues
  • Eye, nose, and throat issues
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches

Even if you aren't prone these health issues, you will still want to protect your family from having to deal with them by getting your AC inspected on a regular basis and removing this risk.

Protects Your Home

When your home is not properly cooled down during bouts of high temperatures, it may actually cause damages to the materials inside your home.  Heat can cause your floors to start to curl, which can expensive to repair.  It can also cause appliances and electronics to overheat, and this can cause major damages or even the potential for electrical fires.  Our HVAC contractor in Orlando can come out to ensure that your entire home is protected and safe from these potential accidents.

Keeps Your Internal Environment Safe

HVAC systems use gas to operate, and furnaces rely on fuel to function.   These systems also rely on proper wiring and electrics to function properly.  When these elements are inhaled, they can actually be toxic.  Faulty wiring can cause a fire hazard, and fuel leaks can cause a health hazard.  In the event that you suspect that your AC unit is not working properly, you will want to keep everyone safe by having the issues checked out in a timely manner.  These experts can check for fuel levels to indicate if there is a leak or an issue with the internal environment in your home.

Saves on Repair Bills

Being electrical and mechanical units, HVAC systems are subject to normal issues caused by wear-and-tear.  Regular inspection of the unit allows you to identify problems early, which reduces the damage and lowers the extent of needed repairs. As a result, the repair costs will be low.  However, if you wait until problems persist, you may be slammed by a larger repair bill.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Sometimes you just need to know that everything is okay so that you have the peace of mind you need to truly believe that your home is safe and sound.  By getting your unit inspected regularly, you will be able to rest-assured that there are no major repairs that will cause you to pay more money or have to live uncomfortably while you wait for a replacement.  Also, if your unit does break in the summer, you may have to wait longer for a repair, as this is the busy season for these professionals.

These are just a few of the great reasons why you should have your AC units inspected each year.  As the hot summer approaches in Florida, you should trust our expert HVAC contractor in Orlando to take care of your inspection.  Contact us to schedule your inspection today.