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Is My AC Broke?

Is My AC Broke?

Is My AC Broke?

It’s the middle of summer in Florida and your home feels like it’s an oven.  It hits you.  Your AC is broken.  Air conditioning units seem to break at the most inconvenient times, and this can cause your home to become hot, sticky, and just uncomfortable.  As professionals in AC repair in Orlando, we understand your feelings.  These are a few signs that may indicate that your AC unit is broken and you will need to make few repairs immediately.

Temperatures Keep Rising

Have you noticed that your air vents are actually releasing warm air?  If you are starting to feel uncomfortable because of the rising temperatures in your home, it is likely that your AC unit is broken.  Before you pick up the phone, check your thermostat to see whether someone changed the settings, especially if you have kids.  If everything is set to its normal temperatures, it may be time to get your unit inspected and resolve the issue.

It Does Not Work

If you turn down your thermostat but see no change in the internal temperature of your home, you may have an issue with your cooling system.  This could mean that the message is getting lost on its way from the thermostat to the AC unit or it can indicate that you have an issue with the power of the unit itself.  Whether it is the technology or the unit, you will want to contact the pros to come out and resolve the problem.

You Have High Utility Bills

Even if your home is cool, your AC unit can be malfunctioning.  One of the ways to tell if this is your issue is when you have high utility bills, but you have not actually altered the settings of your thermostat.  Although it is normal to have higher utility bills in the warmer months of the year, they should not be dramatically increased month-to-month.  This typically indicates that your AC unit is working harder than it needs to, which means you will want to resolve the issue before it breaks entirely.

There are Strange Noises

Do you hear noises coming from your AC unit?  Hissing, clicking, and knocking sounds are indicators that something is not working properly on the inside of the unit.  When you hear these noises, you should consider turning off the AC and calling the professionals for an inspection.  This can prevent the issue from persisting and causing permanent damage to the unit.

These are some of the most common signs that indicate your AC unit is broken and needs repairs.  To restore your home to a comfortable and cool place, you will want to trust the reliable and efficient professionals in AC repair in Orlando.  Contact Renown Air Conditioning to schedule your appointment and finally feel cool today.