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Four Signs to Get Your AC Inspected

Four Signs to Get Your AC Inspected

Four Signs to Get Your AC Inspected

Are you tired of having a warm home on the hottest summer days?  Do you worry that your AC unit is being overworked?  When you keep turning up the temperature on your thermostat, btu you no longer feel cool temperatures in your home, it is time to call the HVAC contractor in Orlando to inspect your unit.  If you are concerned about the efficiency of your air conditioning, you will want the experts to come out to do an inspection.  These are a few signs that it is time to get your AC unit inspected.

The AC is on, but it is not any cooler inside your home.

If you turn up your AC, but you do not feel like the temperatures are actually going down, you may have an issue.  Your machine may still be working, but it can be overworking to try to compensate for whatever has gone wrong.  This can lead to breaks in the system, or it can even cause overheating in the unit itself.  When you notice this issue, you should call for an inspection as soon as possible.

You hear strange noises from the unit.

When your AC unit is not functioning properly, it can actually make strange noises that indicate something is not working properly.  Some units may make a hissing sound to indicate that there is a leak, while others may squeal to indicate that there is a problem with the internal pressure settings.  You may also hear rattling, buzzing, whistling, humming, or banging that can indicate there are some issues inside your unit.

You have an old AC unit.

Sometimes, it is just a matter of age.  AC units are not meant to last forever, and if you have an old our outdated unit, it may be time for you to consider getting a new one.  HVAC contractors can come out to take a look at your old unit and see if there are any repairs that can help it last longer, but these are only band aids for the issue.  Getting a new unit may fix all of your problems, as it can decrease cooling costs, save energy, and work more efficiently.

A heat wave is coming, and your AC is not working properly.

If a heat wave is headed your direction, you need to make sure that the cooling systems are working properly in your home.  When the temperatures rise to high extremes, your home needs to be properly cooled so that you can stay safe.  While this may sound like an issue of comfort, it can quickly become an issue of safety if you overheat during these times.  To protect yourself from any of these problems, get your AC inspected before the hot summer months.

These are a few signs that it is time for you to call an HVAC contractor in Orlando to have your AC unit inspected.  When you are concerned that your AC is not working properly, you will be happy to resolve the issue before it gets any worse.  Contact Renown Air Conditioning to schedule your AC inspection today.