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Four Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Air Ducts

Four Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Air Ducts

Four Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Air Ducts

Have you noticed strange or foul smells in certain rooms of your home?  Do you feel your allergies flaring up while you are inside?  These are just a few of the indications that hint that the air may not be properly circulating throughout your home.  As an HVAC contractor in Orlando, we help to restore air flow, repair AC units, and make sure our clients are living comfortably.  This includes making sure that their air ducts are cleaned and working properly.  These are a few signs that may indicate it is time for you to clean your air ducts.

Strong Odors

Have you noticed strong or foul odors that linger in different rooms of your home?  These smells can indicate that your air is not circulating properly.  If this persists over time, it will cause smells to build up in certain areas of your home.  Dirt, dust, allergens, and other contaminants all find their way into ducts, and this is where they will sit until the ducts are cleaned, which will cause them to release a smell.

Mold Growth

It is also common for air ducts to be breeding grounds for mold and mildew growth, which means they should be cleaned routinely.  Air ducts are dark, moist, and dirty areas, and mold will find their way into them and start to spread.  To detect for mold growth, take the grates off your ducts and look for fuzzy growth or discoloration.  If you notice it, you will want to tackle these issues immediately before they worsen.

Lack of Air Flow

Are you always asking if the air is even on?  Do you not feel any air flow in your house?  When you feel a reduction in the air flow in your home, you may need a good air duct cleaning.  Air ducts can accumulate everything from dust to dirt to contaminants that will stay in there until they are thoroughly cleaned.  If they are never cleaned, these issues will accumulate and clog the ducts entirely.  When your air is on but you do not feel a good flow, you will want to have it checked out.

Rise in Illnesses

Because air ducts transport the air throughout the entire house, you need to make sure there are no contaminants, dust, and allergens inside them.  When they have this buildup, they will then transport these allergens throughout the house with the air flow.  This causes the members of your household to become ill or suffer from the symptoms of allergies.  It can also increase the chances of respiratory illness or exacerbate asthmatic issues.  

These are a few of the major signs that indicate it is time for you to get your air ducts clean.  If you are concerned about the efficiency or quality of the air in your home, you may want to have your units and ducts inspected.  Contact our experienced HVAC contractor in Orlando to schedule your inspection with us today.