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Five Heating Mistakes that Make Your Energy Bills Skyrocket

Five Heating Mistakes that Make Your Energy Bills Skyrocket

Five Heating Mistakes that Make Your Energy Bills Skyrocket

When we get a cold spell here in Florida, many people crank up their heat to adjust the temperatures in their homes.  Although heating our homes isn't particularly common in our area, it can occur.  When it does, many residents make these mistakes that end up causing their energy bills to skyrocket.  As an HVAC contractor in Orlando, we have repaired many issues that could have been prevented.  Here are heating mistakes that you should avoid to save your money.

Cranking up the Temperature Too High

When it comes time to turn on the heat, many homeowners typically crank up the temperature for quick results.  However, this can cause your heater to work harder, which can lead to a larger energy bill.  To avoid this, just give it time to gradually warm up over several hours or even days.  Avoid cranking it up to the highest temperature possible to avoid overworking your unit.

Not Insulating Your Windows or Doors

When the temperature outside is drastically different than the inside temperature, the air from outside can find the gaps in your windows and doors and start to creep in.  These gaps should be sealed to avoid air exchange from the inside and outside.  When this occurs, your heat can be escaping, which can cause your unit to work overtime to make up for it, without ever truly seeing a different.  Avoid drafts by using weather stripping during bouts of drastic temperature changes.

Using a Space Heater

Many homeowners also resort to additional sources of heat to combat the cold temperatures.  However, space heaters and fireplaces can cause the heater to turn on and off whenever it senses changes in the temperature.  This can cause it to work harder at times to play catch up, which can be more costly.

Closing Doors and Vents

You may think that closing your doors and vents to allow air to circulate in only certain rooms of your house would actually maximize the heat.  However, this isn't true.  Instead, this puts extra pressure on your heater by obstructing air flow throughout the entire house.  To avoid a larger energy bill, keep all the vents and doors open when you can.

Heating All the Time

When you leave your heater on all day and all night, it will cause additional strain on your system.  Make sure to take advantage of specific times of day when you aren't home or are too busy to notice the heat to care.  Consider getting a programmable thermostat so that you can take advantage of these hours without wasting energy.  This can actually cause you to save over 10% of your overall energy bills.

These are some common mistakes that people make when it comes time to heat their home during cold spells.  If you find yourself in need of a quality HVAC contractor in Orlando to tend to any issues related to your heater or AC unit, you will want to contact Renown Air Conditioning to hear how we can help you today.