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Eight Tips to Conserve Energy and Still Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Eight Tips to Conserve Energy and Still Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Eight Tips to Conserve Energy and Still Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Are you tired of paying those expensive utility bills?  Do you want to make efforts to lower the spike in your summer cooling costs?  When summer heads our way, we like to crank up the air conditioning and lower that temperature in our homes to compensate for the higher temperatures outside.  However, this can be costly when it comes time to settle on your utility bills.  As a company that performs many AC repairs in Orlando, we want our customers to know that you can save money without sweating in your own house.  These are a few simple tips to help you conserve energy while keeping your home cool and comfortable all summer long.

Switch Out Your Lightbulbs

Did you know that the type of lightbulb you are using makes a large difference in the amount of energy consumption?  When you make the switch from fluorescent lightbulbs to LED bulbs, you require less than 75% of the energy.  These lightbulbs may cost a little more money up front, but they will pay off on your utility savings in the long run.

Insulate Your Home

When you have a draft of air that runs through your home, you waste money on heating and cooling your home.  To ensure that you are wasting your energy, take the time to properly seal your doors and windows, and check to ensure that your home is well-insulated.  Poor insulation can allow for more exchange of air from the inside of your home to the outside environment.  Plus, it may cause your air conditioning unit to become overworked to make up for the loss of cool air inside your home.  This will cost you more money but also produce less results.

Use Your Ceiling Fan

If you are looking to cool down one room in your home, consider using a ceiling fan to target cool air in that space.  Instead of spending all the energy to cool the entire house, you will be able to keep the cool air directly in the area that you want.  For example, if you have a ceiling fan above your bed, you can stay cool and comfortable at night without lowering the AC in the entire home.  This can save you money on your utility bills without compromising the quality of sleep you can get even on the hottest nights.

Get a Smart Thermostat

One of the first thing that our HVAC contractor in Orlando will recommend to homeowners looking to save on their cooling bills is to invest in a smart thermostat.  These thermostats can be programmed to reflect your lifestyle and your needs.  When you spend the day working outside of your home, there is no need to have your AC working overtime to cool an empty house.  Instead, you can program your thermostat to start cooling down your home so that it is at your desired temperature when you do get home.  This is a simple way to save on the energy consumption in your home.

Use Windows on Cool Nights

Even though many nights in Florida are still warm, you can take advantage of those that are more comfortable by turning off your AC and opting for the breeze coming in through your open windows.  When the temperatures drop in the evening, open your windows and let the natural air keep your home cool.  This way, you will give your AC a much-needed break while still being cool and comfortable while you sleep.  You may even enjoy waking up to the birds chirping in the morning.

Change Your AC Filters

Many homeowners forget to change their AC filters on a routine basis.  By forgetting this basic task, you make your AC unit work harder, and this can cause damage to the motor and electricity inside the unit sooner.  As an HVAC contractor in Orlando, we have seen many homeowners that have forgotten to replace their AC filters and caused extreme damage to their units.   The dirt, grime, allergens, and dust that builds up on your filters can block cool air from filtering through, and this can make your house seem warmer than usual without turning down the interior temperatures.

Get AC Repairs in Orlando

By performing repairs when your air conditioning unit needs them, you prevent damage from being more extensive.  If you notice any funny or strange noises or you feel warmer than usual temperatures in your home, you will want to call for AC repairs in Orlando to take care of these issues.  Trusting the professionals to take care of these repairs will also make sure that they are done properly so that you do not make the issue worse.  Even though you may not want to pay the money for these services, it is best to get them done right the first time to start saving on your energy bills in the long run.

Maintain Your HVAC

Keeping up with the basic maintenance of your AC unit is another great way to keep it working in optimal shape, which can save you lots of money on utility bills.  When your AC unit is struggling to function, it will not be working properly, and this can cause you to lower the temperature but not actually feel any difference.  However, the unit will still be using the same amount of energy.  Essentially, this can lead to wasted energy and high utility bills without being comfortable in your own home.  Regular maintenance and inspections will ensure these issues do not occur.

By following these tips, you can both conserve energy in your home without having to sacrifice your comfort.  Keeping your home cool during the hot summers is essential in surviving the hot temperatures of Florida, but you still want to keep in mind the costs and energy required to do so.  If you are looking for AC repairs in Orlando to keep your home energy efficient, contact the professionals at Renown Air Conditioning to hear more today.