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Five Simple Ways to Save Money on Your AC Bills

Five Simple Ways to Save Money on Your AC Bills

Five Simple Ways to Save Money on Your AC Bills

Are you tired of looking at those expensive air conditioning bills from the hot summer?  Do you want to save some money by making a few adjustments to your home or lifestyle?  To give your AC unit a much-needed break while also saving some money on your cooling costs, you may want to make some small changes to the way you live.  As experts in AC repair in Orlando, we can help to identify ways to make your home run smarter, not harder.  This all starts with your everyday habits.  These are a few small changes you can make to save money on your AC bills this fall.

Use More Fans

Give your air conditioning unit a much-needed break by investing in some fans to keep around the house.  Ceiling fans are beneficial in circulating air while you are home to provide you with immediate relief from the heat.  These fans also encourage cool air to cycle through your house, which will keep the internal temperatures low even on a warm day.

Skip Indoor Cooking

On the hot days, you should avoid cooking inside your kitchen.  Instead, go outside and light the grill to keep the heat where it belongs.  When you use your oven or stovetop to cook meals, you release more heat into your home.  This can raise the temperature of your house, causing your air conditioning unit to work much harder to stabilize the temperatures.

Open Your Windows at Night

Once the temperatures cool down for the day and the sun goes down, consider opening your windows to let the breeze come into your home.  A fresh breeze can add some natural air into your home while also giving your air conditioning a break.

Program Your Thermostat

Programmable thermostats work efficiently to maintain the internal temperatures in your home without ever forgetting or needing to worry about changing it.  These thermostats also save energy because they allow you to keep the temperatures cooler when you are at home and warmer when you are not.  Your home can regulate the temperatures to keep you comfortable when you truly need it, saving energy when you do not.

Inspect Your Air Filter

Your AC unit will work harder when your air filter is clogged.  If you have your air on but you do not feel cool temperatures, this is the first thing you should inspect.  Remove the air filter to ensure that it is not dirty.  When you notice dust and dirt on your air filter, you will want to change it.  In fact, you should change your air filter at least twice a year to prevent any buildup.  If you let this go too long, you can damage your AC unit by overworking it to make up for the loss in temperature.

These are a few simple ways that you can save money on your air conditioning bills.  After a summer of dealing with hot temperatures, we are about to enter the season of fall and expect some relief from the heat.  If you are looking for more pro tips about your AC, contact our experts in AC repair in Orlando to hear more today.