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What You Should Know About Air Filters and COVID-19

What You Should Know About Air Filters and COVID-19

What You Should Know About Air Filters and COVID-19

Many people have been curious about how air conditioning contributes to the spread of viruses, like COVID-19.  During this time, people are doing everything they can to stay healthy and informed on the practices and regulations issued by the health department.  As a company specializing in air conditioning repair in Orlando, we understand the importance of keeping your air clean and filtered so that you can protect your loved ones.  Here are a few things you need to know about air filters and the spread of COVID-19.

Can air filters add to the spread of COVID-19?

One of the first things you should understand about air filters and COVID-19 is that the virus needs to exist in your home first and foremost.  This means that someone carried it in on their hands, skin, or in their lungs.  Air filters will not be able to clean out your lungs if you already have the virus inside your body.  Because air filters are not likely to be a contributor to the spread of COVID-19 when you are out of your home, your money is best spent on the right PPE and hygiene products.  

Are there air filters that trap the coronavirus?

Although there are air filters that have been proven to trap certain viruses, like SARS or MERS, there has been little proven research using the coronavirus.  Because of the novel nature of this virus, it is difficult to say for certain if there are air filters that trap this particular virus.  We cannot say for certain if air filters will trap the coronavirus, so we don't recommend changing your filters for this particular reason.

Does air quality prevent the spread of the virus?

Many people ask about the correlation between air quality and the spread of coronavirus.  Although there isn't proven research using the coronavirus quite yet, there have been many studies that suggest that improved air quality is better for your overall health and immunity.  While this information doesn't pertain specifically to coronavirus, you should always take strides to improving the air that you are breathing on a daily basis.  This will provide you with a healthy mind and body, which can help you fight any infections that may come your way if that does occur.

Should I turn off my air conditioner during the pandemic?

No.  You should not turn off your air conditioner as a way to prevent the spread of the virus.  If the virus is not in your home, it has no chances of being spread.  Instead, you should focus on improving the air quality in your home, wearing proper PPE equipment, social distancing, and practicing proper hygiene.  .  

These are a few facts that you should know about how air filters contribute to the spread or prevention of the spread of COVID-19.  Investing in the right air filters and air purifiers can make all the difference, and it can keep your home safe.  If you are in need of any air conditioning repairs in Orlando, you'll want to trust the experts.  Contact us to hear about our range of HVAC and AC services today.