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Why You Might Need an Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Company

Why You Might Need an Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Company

Why You Might Need an Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Company

The last thing you want to deal with on a hot, sunny Florida day is a broken air conditioner.  However, it happens, and typically at the worst time.  An emergency air conditioning repair company is just want you need.  Many companies only operate during normal business hours, but Renown Air Conditioning repair in Deltona knows that our clients can have air conditioning needs at any time of the day or night.  We stay open for business so that you don’t have to sweat all night just waiting to make a call to a repairman in the morning.  There are a few reasons why you might need an emergency air conditioning repair in Deltona, FL.

Popping Sound

When it comes to emergency air conditioning repair, it is best to listen to your five senses.  First, you want to call a repair company if you hear any popping sounds.  This could indicate an electrical issue.  Because the electrical system of an air conditioner is highly complex, you want to call in a repair company to inspect and resolve this problem.  Trying this yourself can lead to even more damage and potentially even the need for a new system entirely.

Screeching Sound

When you hear a screeching sound emanating from your air conditioning unit, you can have one of two issues.  The first issue is that the belt of your air conditioner has become loose.  The second problem, which is more critical, is that your air conditioner is overworked and will need immediately turned off.  Once you hear a screeching sound, it is best to call the air conditioning repairmen to come and inspect your unit for the true cause of the problem.  Hopefully you won't have to invest in any costly replacements, but it is best to be sure of the underlying issue when you hear a screeching sound.

Burning Smell

Similar to hearing a popping sound, smelling a burning odor can also indicate an issue with your air conditioner's electrical system.  This requires immediate attention from a repair company.  Before calling, turn off the air conditioning unit entirely.  This should stop the burning smell from taking over your house.  It will also prevent any further electrical damage, which is best for the safety of those in your home.  

No Air Flow

The most obvious cause for concern is the lack of air flow coming from your vents.  If you don't feel any cool air coming into your home, you'll want to call an air conditioning repairman to come inspect the reason why your unit has shut off.  There are multiple reasons for an entire unit to stop working.  Even though you won't be feeling any air, you still want to make sure to turn off the unit to avoid any other issues.

There are a few reasons why you'll want to trust that the local air conditioning repair in Deltona has emergency hours.  Emergencies can happen to anyone, and you can trust that we will come to your assistance at any hour of the day. Contact us today if you seek a repair for any of your air conditioning problems.