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Stop Hold and Cold Spots in Your Home

Stop Hold and Cold Spots in Your Home

Stop Hold and Cold Spots in Your Home

As you walk around your home, are there areas that are hotter or colder than other areas? Do people in individual rooms always want the air turned down while people in different places always want the air conditioning turned up? If these scenarios seem too familiar, then your home does not have proper air balance. The process of air balancing helps ensure that your HVAC system is evenly distributing cold air throughout your home. There are steps you can take at home to improve the air balance, while other measures will require you to call a professional air conditioner repair in Deltona expert.  

Adjust Vents

While you do not ever want to completely close a vent in any room, adjusting the vents in various areas can help the air balance in your home. Start by setting your thermostat at 77 degrees, and leave it there for at least 24 hours. Then, walk around your home. If you find areas that are too cold, then close the vent a little bit. If there are areas that are too warm, then make sure that the vents are completely open.  

Check for Drafts

Drafts can make areas of your home feel too hot or too cold. To find all the drafts in your home, turn off all ceiling fans and your HVAC unit. Then, light a candle and start walking around your house. If the flame flickers, then you know that you have a draft. Be sure to check electrical outlets, windows, and doors. Take corrective measures to block the drafts, and the air in your home will become more balanced.  

Check Your Registers

You should know the location of each register in your home. Check them to make sure that nothing is blocking the airflow. There should be a minimum of 18-inches of open space around each register. Even one blocked register can affect temperatures throughout your home. If moving furniture or other objects is not an option, then use a magnetic air deflector to channel the air away from the item blocking it.  

Set Your Fans to On

Most HVAC systems have two different fan settings. While many people choose to operate their fan on auto, changing it to on has many benefits. Depending on the unit, it may even lower your energy bills. Most importantly, when the fan is continuously on, the air within your home will not become stagnant, so it is easier to cool.  

While these are all things that you can easily do at home, there are other steps that you need to hire air conditioning repair in Deltona to complete. They can identify and check any problems with the ductwork and install extra return filters when necessary. They can also adjust your unit’s blower speed and many other things. When you need air conditioning repair in Deltona, call Renown Air Conditioning and Heating.