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5 Easy Steps You Can Take to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill

5 Easy Steps You Can Take to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill

5 Easy Steps You Can Take to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill

In Florida, it is easy to crank up your air conditioner to seek relief from the summer heat.  On the days the sun is blazing and you need a break, you'll just want to crank up your air conditioner.  Too much wear and tear can not only result in a need for AC repair in Deltona heat, but it can also shock you next time you see your cooling bill.  Most people don't know that there are multiple ways to beat the heat without having to pay for it.  To lower your air conditioning bill, follow these five easy steps.

1.  Program Your Thermostat

Nowadays, smart technology for the home is wildly popular.  This is for a reason.  The saying "work smarter, not harder" also applies to your air conditioner.  By installing a programmable thermostat, you can choose the times of day when you want your house cooler or warmer.  Adjust the temperatures to be higher when you're away, then program the thermostat to cool the house back to a comfortable temperature when you know you will be home to enjoy the relief from the heat.  You are simply controlling when your home will run at maximum efficiency and when it will take a break, saving you money in the long run.

2. Replace Your Air Filters

Lucky for you, replacing your air filters is both an easy and affordable task.  By replacing your air filters, you ensure that your vents aren't being blocked by any dust or particle buildup.  This can cause your HVAC to become overworked, which will cost more to perform the same job.  Dirty filters reduce the efficiency of your system, making it more difficult to circulate air.  It is recommended that you replace your air filters at least twice a year, and it is recommended that if you have pets or children living in your home, you replace them more frequently.

3. Seal Your Windows

Depending on the age of your home, you windows could be leaking air without you even realizing it.  When you sit by your window, take notice if there are any drafts or pockets of heat.  This could be an indication that cracks are letting the expensive cool air escape and the hot air to come into your home.  To properly seal your windows, caulk any detectable leaks or cracks to prevent the ability for air exchange between the inside and outside of your home.  

4. Draw Your Blinds

Reducing sunlight inside is also recommended in order to keep internal temperatures down.  By investing in inexpensive room-darkening blinds or curtains, you'll decrease the amount of sunlight you let into your home.  Sunlight ultimately raises the temperature in your home, making it impossible to keep cooling costs down no matter how many adjustments you make on the thermostat.

5. Service Your AC Unit

The final step is to have your AC unit checked out by a professional.  When you are always trying to beat the Florida heat, it is recommended to have your AC unit serviced to ensure it is working properly and efficiently.  A trained expert will clean the coils, check your machine's internal connections, measure refrigerant levels, and service other parts of your unit.  

Just because the Deltona temperatures rise high doesn't mean your air conditioning bill has to.  Contact Renown Air Conditioning today to make sure that your AC unit is functioning up to speed and not causing you to throw money away on bills.  Our AC repair service in Deltona aims to detect and fix your issues the first time.