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How Humidity Affects Your Home’s Comfort Level

How Humidity Affects Your Home’s Comfort Level

How Humidity Affects Your Home’s Comfort Level

If you are feeling hot when your home’s thermostat says that you should be comfortable, then humidity may be the culprit. The average humidity throughout the Deltona, Florida, region is about 86 % in the morning. It drops to about 62% in the afternoon. You will feel most comfortable when the humidity within your home is between 45 and 50 %. Furthermore, your air conditioner will work much harder when the humidity level is too high, and you will pay more on your electric bill. There are several money-saving steps that you can take to help control the humidity level in your home.

Install an HVAC System Whole-house Dehumidifier

The first step to consider is having an HVAC contractor in Deltona, like Renown Air Conditioning and Heating, add a whole-home dehumidifier to your HVAC system. While all air conditioners control the humidity level in your home a little bit when they are running, a whole-home dehumidifier is continuously at work. Therefore, you feel more comfortable all the time that you are at home. Secondly, a whole-house dehumidifier stops the damage that the humidity does to walls and other surfaces in your home. Controlling humidity levels also lowers the number of dust mites and allergens in your home. Once installed, you will not even know it is there, but you will feel its benefits daily.

Absorb the Moisture

If you are not ready to install a whole-home dehumidifier in your home yet, there are other steps you can take to control the humidity level. One possible solution is to put pots of calcium chloride around your home. You can purchase this chemical in bulk. Then, find some smaller containers, like yogurt or cottage cheese, comes in. Put the compound in them, and then place the small bowl in a larger container. You will need to leave the calcium chloride exposed to the air, but be careful because excess water can make it heat up.

Improve Ventilation

Improving your home’s ventilation can help keep your home’s humidity levels lower. If you do not already have them, installing attic ventilation fans and bathroom exhaust fans can help. You will, however, need to keep them running. Use exhaust fans when you are cooking to pull moist air out of your home. Opening doors and windows when the humidity is lower outside can also help.

Controlling humidity levels in your home can help you feel cooler, and it can make your HVAC system work more efficiently. Start by contacting an HVAC contractor in Deltona right now. These professionals will be glad to recommend solutions, like installing a whole-home dehumidifier. One HVAC contractor in Deltona that you will want to contact is Renown Air Conditioning and Heating. They will be glad to work with you to keep you comfortable all year long.