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Don't Let a Broken Air Conditioner Get You Down

Don't Let a Broken Air Conditioner Get You Down

Don't Let a Broken Air Conditioner Get You Down

If your air conditioner goes out on one of the hottest days of the summer, then do not let it get you down. Instead, while you are waiting for emergency air conditioner repair in Deltona, follow these tips. Your home will stay cooler without putting as much strain on your unit once the repair work's complete. Of course, you will want to call a professional AC repair in Deltona company, like Renown Air Conditioning and Heating, to get the unit operating as soon as possible. They offer same-day and emergency service.  

Keep the Light Out

While you are waiting, make sure to keep as much light out of your home as possible. If you have blackout curtains, be sure to shut them. Pay particular attention to windows on any east-and-west-facing windows as that is where most light enters your home. While you are waiting, consider installing solar gain windows so that the sun's energy does not enter your home. You may also want to consider having shades installed over your east and west windows.  

Find the Drafts

You may also want to find any drafts in your home while you are waiting on the air conditioning company to complete repairs or install a new unit. As you walk around your home, you may notice that some areas are much hotter than other areas. The chances are that the warmer areas are being affected by a draft. Locate it and make plans to get it fixed soon. While doors and windows are often the culprits, do not overlook your attic crawlspace and any holes in your home's roof or exterior walls.  

Use Fans

While fans will not cool the air, they keep the air moving, which makes it seem colder. Look to see if you have windows at opposite ends of your home that are roughly in a straight line. Put a box fan set to blow out on one side of your home. Then, open the windows on the other end of your house. Pulling the air into your home and pushing it out the other side helps keep temperatures in your home more manageable. Shut off as many rooms as possible that do not align with these windows to keep your home's temperatures even cooler.  

Run a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can help your home feel cooler by removing the moisture from the air inside it. The great news is that it also will help keep your home more comfortable once the AC repair work is complete. A dehumidifier makes your air conditioner work less. Running the two together can even help lower your utility bills while keeping you and your family more comfortable.  

When the AC goes down in Deltona, use these tips to help you stay cool, but first call Renown Air Conditioning and Heating. They will soon have your air conditioner in Deltona work completed as they offer emergency and same-day service.